Cross Everything Off Your To-Do List in 15 Minutes

To-do lists offer refuge for the busy and overwhelmed. In a mad rush to get everything done, it’s easy to forget a task that needs to be handled. This applies to both business and personal matters. How is it possible to ensure productivity and reduce the amount of time that gets wasted on mindless tasks? Read on to learn more about gaining control and getting items crossed off in under an hour rather than letting your to-do list take the entire day.


Eat That Frog


Eating the frog means reviewing what is on the to-do list and handling the item that is considered the most difficult first. Doing so provides a sense of accomplishment that can help you push through other tasks, too.


Get Rid of What Isn’t Important


When going through a to-do list, figure out what’s important and what someone else can easily do. Are there items on the list that can be delegated? While there’s no need to outsource a task only the list-maker is qualified to do, such as running the monthly sales meeting, it’s useful to figure out what else can be delegated. For example, having an assistant order office supplies is a much better approach to managing your time, rather than trying to combine purchasing and a day full of sales meetings at once.


Revise Often for Productivity


Revising a to-do list is necessary in order to make the most out of each day. Not rushing work ensures that each completed job is done well rather than haphazardly. Figure out what tasks are best suited for each day; as the day progresses, revise accordingly. This willingness to adapt can result in a to-do list that isn’t a mile long and makes the most efficient use of everyone’s time.


Managing a to-do list can seem overwhelming. However, by breaking the list down and handling the most difficult item first, it’s easier to cross off other goals that need to be completed. Furthermore, delegating tasks from your to-do list can ensure that you only handle the most important tasks while you outsource others to someone else and keep the focus on overall productivity. Finally, revising your list as you go simplifies what tasks need to be completed on a certain day. Follow these three simple steps and you can complete your to-do list in 15 minutes or less — or at least make it much more manageable.

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