Easy Improvements for Your Organizational Culture

The structure of an organization is an important part of maintaining company culture. A clear, concise and logical organizational structure helps make employees feel secure as they work toward common company goals. Even a well-designed organizational culture can and should make improvements over time to maintain company structure and goals. Some of the easiest improvements involve employee-led changes and flexibility.

Consider a More Lateral Structure

In some environments, a top-down structure can be the most productive way to function. In many other cases, moving toward a more lateral form of organization can help employees optimize productivity. The key is to find employees that excel in their positions and then give them the breathing room to do their jobs. With fewer levels of supervision, employees are able to thrive under a more inclusive and collaborative environment. Giving individuals the authority to handle situations as they occur instead of going through multiple levels of management gives them the autonomy they need to find success in their position.

Be Flexible in Your Structure

The organizational culture you maintained in the past may have always worked well, but when you notice that the structure no longer makes logical sense it’s time to be flexible and make some changes. The process of changing up the structure can lead to some new growing pains and it can take a few tries to get it right. Flexibility is a key component to building and maintaining a successful business structure. If you want to be able to account for future growth you need to be aware of when you have outgrown the way your business is currently organized.

Help Employees Find Commonalities

Although all teams have natural leaders as well as those who fall in line, maintaining a healthy organizational culture involves helping employees find common ground with one another. Not only does this help build a more inclusive environment, but it also helps establish a shared purpose and shared company goals. A company with employees who collaborate with one another can move a company forward with more innovative ideas and creative thinking.

Any company can benefit from the improvement of its organizational culture. Finding what type of structure currently works well while maintaining flexibility for future growth or to foster the talents of the individual employees can help a company find structural success. Establishing clear goals and helping employees use these goals as a common ground allows them room to breathe while letting their individual talents shine.

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