The Plastic Surgery Business Is Ever-Changing: Are You Prepared?

The plastic surgery business is continuing to expand and attract more customers, thanks in part to some modern innovations and changes in direction within the industry. As science and technology improve the practice of plastic surgery, and as society continues to eliminate harmful misconceptions, you can expect a growing number of patients in the future. However, successful surgeons need to implement an effective plastic surgery business strategy in order to stay on top of the ever-changing nature of the industry.


One primary change in plastic surgery is the rise of cosmetic procedures. More and more physicians are choosing to specialize in more cosmetic procedures in order to meet the growing demand in this area. Because cosmetic surgery is rarely covered by insurance providers, this means plastic surgery offices are increasingly working with private pay patience.


Cosmetic surgery has opened up a huge field for many physicians to move into specialized and lucrative private practice. Because of the shift in social awareness of these types of surgery, many more patients are electing to have cosmetic operations. In the past, most plastic surgeons worked primarily with reconstruction in ER rooms and other emergency situations.


There are a few reasons many surgeons are considering a private practice in cosmetic surgery rather than working in a reconstructive surgery environment. First, cosmetic surgery often comes with a higher salary, due in part to the private pay status of most patients. Cosmetic surgeons also typically have set office hours and little or no periods of being on call.


Reconstruction surgeons, on the other hand, often work in hospitals and are needed in the event of a serious emergency. Situations like car accidents and serious fires can leave patients in need of expert facial and limb reconstruction. These services are often conducted by plastic surgeons on an on-call basis, which can be stressful.


Whether you want to reconsider your plastic surgery business strategy or not, understanding the shift from reconstructive surgery to a cosmetic market is important if you’re considering private practice. There are many pros and cons to both specializations, and many practices still choose to work in both areas. Keep up to date with current trends in the industry in order to keep your plastic surgery business strategy modern and relevant. From facelifts to rhinoplasty, there are a variety of common cosmetic surgeries that are expected to continue to increase in demand and offer new alternatives to plastic surgeons.

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